Wyclef Jean , The Ambassador, The Legendary Musician, The Chosen One

In Haitians on March 30, 2009 at 4:26 am

By Francesca Guerrier

“He’s bigger then Obama to me, I’d take a bullet for Clef”. Wow! That’s some real deep brotherly love, Hearing Buggah D Govanah talking about Wyclef Jean reminds me of the old Sicilian loyalty. You Definitely do not find too many soldiers so dedicated to their homies nowadays, but sometimes you do.

We arrive at the studio, Wyclef exchange a few words with Buggah in Creole, and then greets me! I sense he’s non- pretence attitude. You don’t know what thoughts goes inside the mind of a musician of his size , but I feel, I can see through him! Now he does remind me of the simplicity yet power of a figure like President Obama, I think while I observe him sipping on his Turkish coffee.

Dj Khaled arrives while Wyclef is seated on the bench of the kitchen eating the dinner Buggah picked up on the way to studio. I begin taking some pictures and check my camera and the lights, all of a sudden I think how comfortable I‘ve been feeling since the time I arrived at We The Best Studio! There are several artist in here, but not divas, simply cool talents!!

Mecca aka Grimo arrives too, and I feel even more comfortable now, since I last interviewed him for the Newspaper I felt a deep amount of realness within him too.
The Runners are working on the track and Clef holds his guitar while sings on his upcoming new Hit (GUARANTEED)!!

The song talks about a teenager girl who’s act older then her age due to the issues of low self-esteem she has because of her broken family ..all she would of needed is a simple compliment from an adult to emphasize her beauty and notice her. This song is in the making, yet is already so damn powerful, I have to go outside the room every now and then to fight back my tears of emotions.
I tell Buggah, I have to go home soon and can’t stay too long, the truth is, I don’t want to break down in front of these people I just met!! How embarrassing would that be!! There’s something about Clef though, the only song of his I can think of that didn’t get so much and many emotions out of me is Party to Damascus he made with Missy Elliott!!

I see Dj Khaled closing his eyes and commenting on the beauty of this song several times, I lean closer to Mecca and tell him the song is giving me the chills, he too nods in silence. The Super star, walk is in and out to record his addlibs and he exchange a few words in Creole with his Haitian brothers, Khaled comments of the fact he should learn Creole because of how often Clef speaks in his native language, that’s realness right there, it’s obvious he never forgot where he comes from and he doesn’t do it only in front of the cameras.

Four hours after he started working on his song , Wycleff takes a 2 minutes break, to wear the Free Haiti Now T-shirt and take some pictures with some of his zoes!

Not only he’s a music legend, producer and filmmaker but he’s The Ambassador of Haiti. I met him a few weeks back at a rally the Haitian Community organized demanding to Stop Deportations Back to Haiti, he sent a message of Hope and Encouragement to our Haitian Youth suggesting to get politically involved . So many hats to wear for one man, but he does wear them and do it well.

His concern is the security of Haiti Buggah explains to me in the car, and that people has food in their belly. The sanitation of the island and the rights of Haitians in the United States.

Wycleff Jean gave a voice to Haiti, to Jamaica, to New Jersey, to Brooklyn, Miami, African Americans To the whole United States, to teenagers, to refugees, to Deportees, to love and to those who lost, to ghettos and to people, to all different people that comes from every walk of life, you don’t need to be Haitian to feel his music, you have to be a Human Being with a heart to feel and a mind to overstand his lyrics.

This upcoming song will give you the chills like no other song!

Bon chans Wyclef sou nouveau mizik e plus suces e tout fanmi ou

  1. Malerezman Ayisyen pa konn apresye moun kap travay, kap fe bon bagay, Otherwise Wyclef ta dwe gen plis valeur nan peyi a, Ni Wyclef ak Mecca Grimo mwen ankouraje nou kontinye travay pou sa nou kwe, mwen felisite nou pou sa nou fe deja.

    Danny Blair ( Founder Of Fondation Patriotique d’Haiti )

  2. Its so great that you got to meet such a great figure. A man that has conquered politics and music. Really interesting 🙂

  3. this is a powerful peice…. you brung the reader right there into the studio with you… anybobdy would be as blessed as you were to see a prodigy @ work on his craft. Wyclef’s such a talented dude its hard to say what he hasnt accomplished a TRUE ambassdor of our people through peieces like these its easy to forget the problems of our people as A nation in HAITI & abroad… besides the economy family and the lack thereof is a problem… he writes with such love & wisdom that the enthusiasm and humbleness makes the ignorance or naiveness to the heart of yon neg nativ natal dissappears… thanx for sharing

  4. What a wonderful piece. Every time I hear Wyclef perform I know he is not only doing it for himself and his love for music, but he is driven by a deep desire to help the land of which he is from, the beautiful Haiti. He truly is an icon for the youth of Haiti. He is the voice of the Haitian struggle. God Bless you Wyclef

  5. I thought this article, was above all REAL. By every definition of the word, I think its the genuine interest that you don’t get from the news anymore. I wish every one could be real again.

  6. When I met Wyclef for the first time at an MTV malaria plug in NYC, he made sure he let folks know that he was not the only Haitian in the room; that other Haitians are doing good things and getting “accepted” by the MSM. Guess that’s what Ambassadors do. Thanks for diggin’ on him Francesca. I’m sure it was easy for you to do.

  7. Awesome piece Sis, very informative. I have much respect and love for those who remember their roots, as well as their people after they have achieved a high level of success.

    I take My hat off to Wyclef Jean, as he is doing what so many wouldn’t and have not. I am glad that he is an Ambassador for his country and his people. I am also proud that he is taking a stand and fighting against the deportation of Haitians here in the US.

    Don’t give up the fight Clef!

  8. He relates to many levels. American, Haitian, Haitan/American, young, old, rich, poor, educated and illiterate. He is all of these. His voice alone is moving and his passion runs deep. He is Haiti to me and he brought Haiti here to America through Music, which has no borders, and the world as an audience…Genious! He is one of many reasons I like to brag that I’m Haitian, Proudly.

  9. Great article. And it is great that you mentioned something very, very strong on my heart and soul – the rights of my Haitian brothers and sisters, and how the USA (including Obama) has not allowed them to cross borders to seek a better environment. Jean is indeed a great Ambassador, and I know he will not give up the fight.

  10. I have always love the fugees. I wish wyclef more and more success in his endeavors. wish the Fugees will reunite.Nuff Raspect Francesca Guerrier.Peace, Love, and Light.

  11. Respect to all involved to a cause that can bring awareness!
    I’m rejoiced to see artist using their celebs to spread togetherness! keep it up……

  12. The next generation of Haitians is full of leaders! Although Wyclef is a great figure who has done exceptional work in Haiti and to give the Haitian cause a voice abroad, we should not only focus on the entertainers amongst our midst. There are politicians, engineers, economists, teachers, students, doctors, and lawyers making a lasting, positive impact as well. We need to also showcase their work to show that Haitians can do more than dance and sing, we are revolutionaries!

  13. It’s a great article. You are doing a terrific job. Not everybody put there time and effort where there mouth is when it come to blood, sweat and tears for your people and community. I was born and raised in Miami, so I know the plight of my Haition Brothers and Sisters. Many rules in our government don’t apply. Keep up the fight! Much Love & Respect

  14. Powerful and awesome article! It’s so great to be working with such great people!!! I can’t wait to listen to the new Wyclef song!!!

  15. Hey Sista, Great article, I can’t believe I was there with you, when all of this started (at the Rally),I know you and I are going to be together at other events that are very important for the cause. I know that you will educate Wyclef about the Haitian People resistance against Imperialism and foreign Occupation! Dale Dale!!

  16. Your Powers of observation are stronger then ever, I can’t wait to hear the new song.

  17. The whole world should read this master peace as the secret covenant….. The Haitian independence was great to the world, it teaches people how to be free and we are continue to pay the price after Haiti paid the french government more than 21 billion dollars in today currency, and more than a 1000 Haitian had forth an killed in the American so called freedom for all war. Today the Haitian people have face more prejudice discrimination and racist bidden more than any nation in the world but it is well understood that the elite of this world, were only pretended when they needed the Haitian people help in the past… ….. Today we as a residence of this world we have a chance to read the secret covenant of the Illuminati;;;;;;;;;;;; An illusion it will be so large. so vast it would escape our perception. those who will see it will be thought of as insane. They will creates a separate fronts to prevent us from seeing the connection between them.They will behave as if they are not connected, to keep the illusion alive. Their goal will be accomplished one drop a time so as if to never bring suspicion upon them selves. This will also prevent from seeing the changes as they occur. They will work together always and will remain bound by blood and secrecy. Death will comes to those who speaks. They will keep our life span short and our minds weak while pretending to do the opposite. They will use their knowledge of science in subtle ways so we will never see what is happening. They will use soft metals aging, and accelerators, and sedative food and waters, also in the air. We will be blanket by poison everywhere we turn. The poison will be hidden in everything that surround us and what we eat breath and drink wear. We will creates medicine that will make them sicker and cause other diseases for which we will creates yet more medicine. They will render us docile before them by their power. Our minds will belong to them and we will do as they say. If we refuse they shall find ways to implement-mind altering technology into our lives. They will use fair as their weapon. They will establish our government and establish opposite within. They will own both sides. We will perform their labour for them they will benefited and prosper from our toil. Their families will never mix with ours. Their blood must be pure for it is their way. They will make us kill each other when it suits them. They will keep us separate from our oneness by dogma and religion. They will control all aspects of our lives and tell us what to think an how. They will guides us kindly and gently letting us think that we are guiding our selves . They will foment animosity between us trough their faction. When a light shall shine among us they shall extinguish it by ridicule or death, whichever suits them best. They will make us rape each others hearth apart and kill our own children. They will make bathe in our own blood and kill our neighbors as long as they see fit. They will benefited greatly from this, they think we are not able to see them from their dirty business. They will continue to prosper from our wars and our deaths. They will make us lives in fear and anger. The tools will be provided by our labors. They will make our selves hates our neighbors. They will always hide the divine truth from us that we are all one. This we must never know!. Drop-by-Drop they will accomplish their goal. They will take over our land , resource to exercise total control over us. We will deceived them into accepting laws that will still the little freedom that we have. We will established a money system that will imprison us forever, keeping us in our children in debt. When we shall band together, they shall accuse us of crimes and present a different story to the world for they own all media. If we shall rise against them they shall crush us like insects, to them we are less than that. We will be helpless to do anything because we have no weapon. they will recruit some of our own to carry out their plans, they will promise eternal life to our people that will never happened because we are no part of them. The truth will be hidden in our face, so close we will not be able to see it until its too late . Oh yes, so grand of illusion , we will never know that we are their slaves. When all is in place the reality they have created will own us. Our minds will be bound by our beliefs, the beliefs they have established from time immemorial. But if we ever find out we are equal they
    shall perish then. This we must never know. If we ever find out that together we can vanquish them we will take action . We shall never ever find out what they have done. they shall have no place to run. No one ever give theme shelter. This the secret covenant by which they shall live the rest of their present and future lives, for this reality will transcend many generation and life spans. This covenant is seal by blood their blood!!!!!!! people of the world please stand up, as one and start to make some changes in our planet thank, you.


  18. Hi i’m hurus i will make some changes in the future, thankyou.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

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