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Kamarad by Magic Click

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Comrade means “friend”, “colleague”, or “ally”. The word comes from French camarade from Latin camera (room). The term has seen use in the military, but is most commonly associated with left-wing movements, where “comrade” has often become a stock phrase and term of address.



Barikad Crew Performance in Miami set the crowd on fire.

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It was Haitian, the heat that I felt last Friday at Bongos Cuban Club in Miami.
Red and Haitian bandanas united on the heads of the people that attended this incredible event organized by Sak Pase Records and Hip Faktory.

For the first time in the United States to perform live, straight from the Caribbean Island of Haiti, Barikad Crew also knows as the Haitian Wu Tang Clan .

It was the first time for me to see them performing and I was literally blown away by this band that lost three of its members last June 15 2008 in a car accident, and 24 hours later the longtime girlfriend of one of the fallen band members comited suicide while pregnant.

A tragedy for Kreyol Hip Hop, it sent the country in a turmoil.

However 1 year and a few days later, Barikad is strong in Miami. The band is so unique, nowadays we don’t have any real gangsta rough rappers, imagine the energy and vibration of Busta Rhymes marrying the struggle and pain of Tupac and the Awarness of Dead Prez.

The crowd was jumping and was absolutely crazy during their performance and even though I’m not a Creole Speaker I too found myself stamping my feet and banging my head…it was impossible to stay still and just observe.

Amazing was also the performance of the most Conscious artist in Creole Hip Hop Mecca aka Grimo, a complete artist, actor, poet, rapper, community activist, and teacher, he performed along side soulsista Guadalupen FLO to top it up and end it with the illest female vocalist in this game Stichez who sent the crowd in a delirium.

Haitian Fresh came on stage with his crew and gave the cameras and media exactly what they wanted…however the crowd was asking for Barikad Crew and until Barikad came on stage , the spectators wouldn’t stop asking for them.

This is Internationalism, Haitians are the most powerful and only in this game called: HIP HOP CREOLE, we hear raggae, reggaton and different sounds from the Caribbean and I have no doubts these Haitian Rappers will bring Creole Hip Hop across the waters and around the world and let it reign and take over the world’s radios.

These songs, vibes and rhythms deserve to be heard globally and enter the houses of the rest of the globe.


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For the first time ever, Barikad Crew is bringing their Creole Hip-Hop to Miami. They are ready to expose their new audience to their socially conscious lyrics, thought provoking concepts, and infectious beats. After bringing their rap to New York City and extensively touring their home country of Haiti, Barikad Crew is ready to explore the uncharted territory of Miami.

Despite facing hardships in the past year, including the loss of several band members to a tragic car accident, Barikad Crew regrouped only to become an undeniable and unshakeable presence in the Haitian Music industry. With hits like: “Welcome to Haiti” “Met Kapot” and “Se Trip Nap Trip “. Barikad Crew is ready to wow their audience, impress fans, and represent the Creole Hip-Hop that courses through their veins.

The event will be held for one night and one night only at BONGOS CUBAN CAFÉ. Located at 601 Biscayne Boulevard in Downtown Miami, Bongos Cuban Café is not only a hot spot set in a prime location, it is just steps from the Bicentennial Park that is home to the annual Haitian Kompas Festival.

If Barikad Crew’s presence and the venue are not enough to entice your attendance, featured artist segments include other well renowned Haitian Hip-Hop artists such as the trail blazing Black Dada & Red Eyez whose number one hit, ” I am Zoe” has been on constant rotation on the airwaves. Moreover, we have the lyrical and spoken word powerhouse Mecca AKA Grimo, the larger-than-life and charismatic
Haitian Fresh, and special guests appearances who will leave the crowd speechless.

Hosting duties will be under the direction of Papa Jube, Buggah D. Govanah, and J. Mignon several of the head honchos in the Haitian Music Industry. Additionally, DJ Polomix, DJ Bobby Jamz, and DJ Griot will be holding down their wheels of steel and spinning hit after hit on the 1s and 2s.

With such a powerful line-up of Creole Hip-Hop, great hosts, and beat dropping DJ?s, this show cannot to be missed. Come witness the Creole Hip-Hop movement that is only getting stronger and will be right in the heart of Miami.



Friday, June 26, 2009 at 8:00pm
Miami, FL

CONTACT INFO: ( 305)778-7073 / (786) 416-1896

Local Music Video: 1st 48, New Group featuring Benzino, Cognito, and Monsta

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Local Music Video: 1st 48, New Group featuring Benzino, Cognito, and Monsta
By Jacob Katel in Local Music, Video
Friday, May. 29 2009 @ 3:30PM

Here’s a new video produced by Buggah Da Govannah’s On Point Entertainment, in conjunction with Miami residents and Hip Hop Weekly entrepreneurs Benzino and Dave Mays. The video was directed by the ICU, and the group is called 1st 48. After the jump, read what Buggah had to say about the production.
“1st 48 is Benzino, Cognito, which was like Poe Boy’s first artist, and Monsta, who’s Trinas little brother. The video is directed by the ICU. We budget busters, we make movies for much less than you think that budget would be, anybody need videos come holler at us, we definitely don’t wanna disclose what these guys paid for their project.

Man I’m from the streets and planes are very necessary in the things that happen. We shot at the exclusive airport, that’s where them things….kna mean, exclusive, G3’s or better…Planes, boats, submarines, we got those, at the end of the day the runners gotta get there by any means necessary.

The ICU is like a surgeon when it comes to film and camerawork, it makes it easy for them to give folks that look, we gonna make a piece of rock look like the biggest piece of rock you’ve ever seen.

We shot scenes at King Of Diamonds strip club. Everything we do we gotta do it big y’know, You talkin Benzino, like every rappers career, this the dude that gave you The Source, the bible of the hip hop movement ‘knamean, big ups to Pops and Lenny at King Of Diamonds for seein the vision and helpin us execute, and big up the frontin ass hoes at King Of Diamonds… definitely on their paper chase. some of these hoes didnt see the vision, great facility though.

We shot all in the hood, Liberty City, over there by 62 st and NW 13th Ave. Big up to the City of Miami tryin to shut us down for no permits, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding looks great.

We keep it gutter, keep it hood, we jus make it do what it do, you tell us what you workin with, like the streets. Got 5 grand, we gonna work with you, 10 grand, we gona work with you, but no 5 dollas, nah mean, see the product, its that crack, the 80’s is back ya know, put that in yall pipe and burn that.”

contact for more info and check out The ICU at