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Miami FL, FREE HAITI NOW met with Poe Boy’s Flo rida and Brisco Friday Sept 4th at the Hit Factory building to personally thank them on their support for the Tet Ansanm Vigil that will take place on September 18th at the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park as a national call to ask President Obama to grant Temporary Protected Status to qualifying undocumented Haitians.
Flo rida spoke about his belief in Equal Rights he said:” I grew up with Haitians around me, they are very hard working people, they believe in education and a lot of them come here to have an opportunity, the opportunity that most Americans take for granted, I believe in equal rights, everybody has the right to eat, to support our families and I definitely believe that the Haitians deserve their rights. The Haitian youth I want to thank for their support , as I said lots of my friends are Haitians, keep on fighting hard until you get your rights, because Yall just as important as Americans.
His label mate Brisco said he would ask President Obama: “ Aren’t Haitians Humans? Aren’t they people? I’m not Haitian, but I speak up for the Haitian youth and I believe they deserve a even bigger voice, people in Haiti have been suffering, the least this administration can do is to grant them TPS considering that the Cubans have their right to stay here, and everybody else too, I just think it’s not fair towards Haitians. I want to tell the Haitian people to stay positive and empowered and powers come in numbers, so as long as yall stick together yall should be fine, Mr Obama you are doing so much for us, all we are asking is for one thing: TPS to HAITIANS NOW!
The Organizing Agencies FANM, FLIC, and FREE HAITI NOW are very thankful to have the support by the Hip Hop Community provided by On Point Entertainment and Marketing.
Nobody should live in fear especially in a free country as the United States, living in fear of raids and not being able to take your sick child to the hospital because of your “illegal” status therefore can’t have a license is simply legally, morally and spiritually wrong.

Event Details and For More Information:
Event: Tet Ansanm TPS Solidarity Vigil
Date: Friday, September 18, 2009
Time: 3:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: Virginia Key Beach Park – 4020 Virginia Beach Drive, Miami, FL
Hosting Agencies: FANM, FLIC, FHN, OPEM
Type: Vigil/Rally
Phone: 3057787073

Background: Temporary Protected Status is for foreign nationals currently residing in the U.S. whose homeland conditions are recognized by the US government as being temporarily unsafe or overly dangerous to return to (e.g., war, earthquake, flood, drought, or other extraordinary and temporary conditions). TPS would afford undocumented Haitians SSN, work authorization, driver licenses and opportunity to attend school while they are in the US as Haiti recovers from four devastating hurricanes in 2008.


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